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Sarang Sharma

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When I told my Indian parents I wanted to be an actor, my dad said "Beta, I'm pretty sure its pronounced Doctor"...
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Joking aside, Sarang started his career as a Stand Up Comedian performing at venues like The Comic Strip, and Broadway Comedy Club.

After graduating from the William Esper Studio in 2017, Sarang joined AEA and starred as Dar in the Invisible Hand by Ayad Akhtar at ETC Santa Barbara & The English Theatre Frankfurt.

Since then, Sarang has focused more on the film side of the industry, working both as an actor in films and on tv shows such as FBI: Most Wanted.

In addition to acting Sarang found passion working as a Director, Cinematographer and Producer of music videos, short films, and pilot series.

In 2021,  along with his fiancee, Auberth Bercy, and best  friend, Jarred Harper, Sarang founded AWRY Productions, where he works as a director and producer.


Sarang is thrilled to be a representative of the budding new talent of first generation American artists and looks forward and to collaborating with artists of all backgrounds to promote the new "American Dream".

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